World Match Racing Tour.

ISAF Special Event

Scoring Regulations

2015 Points System:

For the 2015/2016 World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) season, there will be two categories of event which will award points to the annual WMRT Leader-board:

1. WMRT 'WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP' Events which will be ISAF Grade W

2. WMRT 'World Tour Events' which may be ISAF Grade 1 - 5

The final event of the season will be referred to as the 'WMRT Finals'.

The table below illustrates the points awarded on the WMRT Championship Leader-board from each event category (see separate Event Schedule for each events points allocation).

Championship Points Table

  WCf Points WC Points WCr Points WT Points
1 52 35 23 18
2 47 31 21 16
3 42 28 19 14
4 37 25 17 12
5 33 22 15 10
6 30 20 13 8
7 27 18    
8 24 16    
9 21 14    
10 18 12    


For the 2015/16 season skippers shall count their five (5) highest point scoring event finishes, one of which shall be from the WMRT Finals.


If an event awarding ‘WC Points’ is removed from the Event Schedule then skippers shall count one (1) less event finish in their overall score.


If an event awarding ‘WC Points’ is added to the Event Schedule then skippers shall count one (1) more event finish in their overall score.


The skipper with the highest points score at the end of the season will become World Match Racing Tour Champion and be recognized as the ISAF Match Racing World Champion.



In the event of a tie break at the end of the season, the skipper with the greater number of first, second or third place finishes at events awarding 'WC Points' will be declared the champion. (No discards will be counted.)

If the tie still exists, the skippers will be ranked in order of their scores in the WMRT Finals. If the tie remains it will be broken by using the finishes in the next-to-last event awarding 'WC Points' and so on until the tie is broken.

Average points will not be awarded for cancelled events.

TOUR BONUS 2015/2016 – US$440,000

In addition to prize funds offered by individual events, the World Match Racing Tour offers an annual Tour Bonus for Tour Card Holders. The Tour Bonus for 2015/12016 is US$440,000.

The Tour Bonus will be divided as followed after the WMRT Finals at the end of the season.

1st Tour Card Holder – US$80,000
2nd Tour Card Holder – US$70,000
3rd Tour Card Holder – US$60,000
4th Tour Card Holder – US$55,000
5th Tour Card Holder – US$48,000
6th Tour Card Holder – US$45,000
7th Tour Card Holder – US$42,000
8th Tour Card Holder – US$40,000


ISAF Match Racing World Championship Trophy sponsored by Garrard